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March 17 2015


What are the Steps in Getting a Divorce?

When two people are joined together in marriage, most never consider their relationship will end in divorce. Unfortunately, around forty to fifty percent of all marriages will end in divorce. This is a staggering number that continues to rise. When divorce is imminent, there are several steps that must be taken. One of the most important is hiring a Divorce Attorney Brick, NJ. Hiring an attorney can allow a person to have their rights protected so they can receive the guidance they need through the process.

The first step in any divorce is a legal separation. This not only gives both parties time to consider their options, but it also fulfills any law requirements for a waiting period. A Divorce Lawyer Brick, NJ can prove beneficial in helping with temporary settlement agreements regarding custody, support and property splits.

In some cases, legal separation is not required. The state of New Jersey allows couples to seek divorce without separation as long as they have been married for at least six months. In cases of adultery, proceedings may be able to go through immediately.


The Divorce Lawyer Brick, NJ will help his client with filing a petition in court. The divorce petition includes the grounds or reason for the divorce. Even if a person is filing a no-fault reason, they must state the reason in writing. Along with the grounds, there is also a list of issues that will need to be addressed as a part of the divorce process.

The first hearing in the process is for a temporary settlement. This addresses any pertinent issues like child custody and support. These orders do not become permanent until the marriage has been ruled legally over.

Once a settlement has been reached between both parties, the final trial will be carried out and Divorce Lawyer Brick Township the judge will make a final ruling on the settlement. Once a divorce decree has been issued by the judge, the marriage is considered legally over.

Though going through the process of divorce is never easy, working with a Brick, NJ Divorce Attorney can make a big difference. This allows a person to get the sound legal guidance they need through the process so they can avoid making decisions based on their emotions.

With legal support, a person's rights will be protected as they go through divorce so the best possible outcome can be achieved. For those facing divorce, contacting an attorney can bring peace of mind and closure.

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